Mission and vision


GFMD vision is a thriving, equitable, and inclusive global media development and journalism support community that works for all by enabling strong, independent, and pluralistic public-interest journalism and media ecosystems.

The GFMD network’s mission is to develop and promote policies, programmes, strategies, and opportunities for the work of the journalism and media support sector to enhance journalism as a public good.

In line with this vision and mission, GFMD’s digital policy and advocacy strategy is developed to support the creation and the enabling of a sustainable and favourable digital environment for public-interest journalism and independent media.


GFMD’s aim is to establish itself as the go-to resource organisation for policymakers, technology companies, governments, and donors on how to address media freedom and press freedom and media sustainability issues facing small, medium-sized, and Global South journalism and media organisations.

GFMD is positioning itself as a leading consultative organisation on how to support public-interest media through digital policies through timely proactive and reactive outreach and expertise.

By engaging its diverse and inclusive network, GFMD addresses the imbalance of skills, capacity, and capital between the Global North and South and the glaring inequality between them in terms of the ability to interact and influence technology companies and tech regulation.


Empowering the journalism and media development community to participate in policy fora is central to GFMD’s commitment to support and promote journalism as a public good.

If the perspectives of small, medium, and Global South media and public-interest journalism more broadly are not integral to digital policy debates and decision making, it will be impossible to build a healthy global digital information ecosystem.

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