2024 Annual Meeting

The 2024 meeting of GFMD’s General Assembly will be held online on Wednesday 24 April 2024.

Date: Wednesday 24 April, 2024

Time: 13:00 - 14:30 CET

Location: Online via Zoom


Register to attend the GFMD General Assembly online here.

Who is eligible to attend?

All representatives of GFMD members are welcome to attend.

Members of the GFMD Steering Committee are especially encouraged to attend.


The meeting will be chaired by GFMD chair Zoe Titus, Director of Namibia Media Trust.

Welcome (13:00-13:07)

GFMD's Chair, Zoe Titus and Executive Director (Mira Milosevic) will open the meeting and welcome members and guests.

Adopting minutes of GFMD General Assembly in April 2023 (13:07 - 13:12)

Minutes of the GFMD General Assembly in April 2023 are available here.

Adopting of GFMD's 2023 audited accounts (13:12 - 13:19)

GFMD's financial report, financial audit, and audited accounts are available here.

Adopting of 2023 activity report (13:19 - 13:25)

GFMD's activity report for 2023 is available here.

Adoption of the 2024 budget (13:25 - 13:33)

GFMD's budget for 2024 is available here.

Acceptance of GFMD's auditor for 2024 (13:33 - 13:38)

The GFMD Secretariat put forward VRC REGISTERED AUDITORS to audit GFMD accounts for the 2024 financial year.


West Point Park, 't Hofveld 6 C3 - 1702 Groot-Bijgaarden

TVA: BE0462836191

Auditor - Mireille Decoster

Strategic policy discussion (13:38 - 14:28)

Conclusion (14:28 - 14:30)


GFMD Steering Committee meeting 2024

Please note that the GFMD Steering Committee will be at an in-person meeting to discuss strategic matters on Friday 24 May alongside the IPI World Congress and Media Innovation Festival 2024 in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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