8.1 Activities

The GFMD Secretariat carries out activities as agreed by the General Assembly and the Steering Committee.

8.2 Objectives

The GFMD Secretariat shall pursue the following objectives:

  • promote and seek to expand the influence of GFMD and its membership by entering into partnerships with other relevant organisations under the guidance of the Steering Committee;

  • generally promote the achievement of the functions and objectives of GFMD as set out in Article 2 of this Constitution;

  • and support the work of the Steering Committee and subcommittees, the planning and rollout of the General Assembly meeting and other activities being undertaken in the name of GFMD.

8.3 Working programme

The GFMD Secretariat implements the strategy and the working programme of the GFMD in line with Article 8.2.

The General Assembly and Steering Committee sets the priorities for the work of the GFMD Secretariat.

The Steering Committee oversees the work of the Secretariat and sets interim priorities between General Assembly meetings.

8.4 Responsibilities

The GFMD Secretariat is responsible for organising and fundraising for the GFMD Secretariat, all GFMD activities and General Assembly meetings in cooperation with the Steering Committee.

Regional meetings, conferences or other activities shall take place to coincide with the General Assembly and Steering Committee meetings provided that funding is available and at least one GFMD member in that region is willing to act as a co-organiser.

8.5 Executive Director

The Executive Director:

  • Is the Chief Executive Officer of GFMD.

  • Is appointed by and reports to the Steering Committee. The manner of appointment, duration and termination of the mandate, the extent of powers and the manner in which they shall exercise these powers is defined by the internal administrative by-laws that are adopted by the Steering Committee.

  • Is an ex officio non-voting member of the Steering Committee and a non-voting member of the Executive Committee.

  • Represents GFMD in all daily management matters and towards third parties in line with the internal administrative by-laws that are adopted by the Steering Committee

All staff of the GFMD Secretariat, GFMD regional coordinators and external consultants hired by GFMD report to the Executive Director.

The GFMD Secretariat's staff, coordinators and external consultants are hired by the Executive Director, depending on the availability of funds.

8.6 Finance and activity reports

The Secretariat shall prepare an annual finance and activity report to present to the General Assembly on behalf of the Steering Committee.

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