Current members

GFMD Steering Committee members (2021-2025)

The 2021-2025 Steering Committee was elected at the Global Forum for Media Development - General Assembly - Tirana, Albania on 30 September 2021.

Executive Committee


Zoe Titus, Director, Namibia Media Trust

Deputy Chairperson:

Jan Lublinski, Head of Department, Policy and Learning, Deutsche Welle Akademie


Ruth Kronenburg, Director of Operations, FreePress Unlimited

Asia, Pacific and Oceania (2 members)

Eastern Europe, the Caucuses, and Central Asia (2 members)

Europe (Western, Central, Northern, and Southern) (1 member)

Latin America and the Caribbean (2 members)

Middle East and North Africa (2 members)

North America (1 member)

Sub-Saharan Africa (2 members)

Global (3 members)

Topical & policy (2 members)

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