GFMD’s advocacy has been focused on peer-led advocacy through research and networking activities and a combination of bespoke events and participation in external forums that seek to shape the conversation on political and structural constraints to media sustainability and freedom.

This strategy builds on this experience and positions GFMD to take a leading role as a representative and consultative body.

This strategy was developed through:

  • An expert assessment of the global technology and regulatory landscape

  • A member survey

  • Consultation with GFMD members

  • Individual and small group meetings with members of the GFMD steering committee

  • And a review of key strategy documents and discussions during the General Assembly and on various listservs.

This strategy suggests activities but does not prescribe what these should be as they will be determined following adoption of the strategy and identification of opportunities.

Policy development and regulation have a long lead time, and it may take a while to show results, so GFMD needs to look for short-term wins along the way (also to show us that we are having an impact) and communicate these to its members.

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