10.1 Matters not provided for

Matters not provided for in this Constitution shall be decided by the Steering Committee and can be appealed at a General Assembly meeting.

10.2 Belgian law

This Constitution, which is framed and interpreted according to the conditions and circumstances set out in the Belgian law of October 25th 1919, shall at all times be interpreted and applied in a manner which avoids undue technicality and which best maintains and promotes GFMD's character and objectives.

10.3 Amendments to this Constitution

Amendments to this Constitution may be proposed by the Secretariat, the Steering Committee or any general member.

Proposed amendments shall be circulated to the membership at least 45 days in advance of a General Assembly meeting.

Amendments shall be adopted upon being confirmed by a two-thirds majority vote of the general members present and voting at a General Assembly meeting.

In accordance with Belgian law, amendments to the purpose and activities of the association must be submitted for Royal Assent. Amendments to the statutes are published in the Annexes to the Belgian Official Gazette.

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