3.1 Code of practice

GFMD respects its Code of Practice in all of its work and relationships.

It is a condition of GFMD membership that members agree to respect the Code of Practice once they become members.

3.2 Relationship with members

GFMD exists to represent collective interests of its members, and to support them, not to substitute, replace or detract from their autonomy.

GFMD takes steps to avoid competing with members for funding and in its activities and is transparent about grants and other funding opportunities that it applies for.

3.3 Cooperation

GFMD shall facilitate co-operation among members and other relevant stakeholders by:

a) Networking: Building on its excellent track record in connecting organisations and agencies in the journalism and media support sector to create effective networking opportunities for members and other relevant stakeholders.

b) Peer-to-peer learning and knowledge sharing: Providing collaborative peer-learning and knowledge-sharing opportunities to members and partners.

c) Communications: Providing members and relevant stakeholders with useful and efficient communications, including on upcoming events and collaborative opportunities.

d) Policy and advocacy: Facilitating collaboration among members to support peer-led policy and advocacy engagements.

3.4 Professionalism

GFMD will at all times operate in a professional and respectful manner.

GFMD will support its members in terms of developing their professionalism so as to enhance the impact and efficiency of their work.

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