Other Committees

What are the GFMD Subcommittees?

Under the new GDMD Constitution the Steering Committee has three subcommittees:

Which Subcommittees are voted for at the Steering Committee meeting on 30th September?

Only the Executive Committee is elected at the Steering Committee on 30th September following the GFMD General Assembly.

The others will be elected at the next Steering Committee Meeting.

What is the purpose of the GFMD Subcommittees?

6.9.2 General purpose of subcommittees

Steering Committee subcommittees shall play an advisory role to help guide the Steering Committee and Secretariat about matters falling within their mandates. Subcommittees shall not have decision-making powers but shall be able to act in a more flexible and efficient way to advise the Steering Committee, Executive Director and Secretariat staff, in accordance with this Constitution.

For more see 6.9 GFMD Subcommittees.

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