The 2008-2012 Steering Committee was elected at the General Assembly of the Global Forum for Media Development in Athens, Greece on December 7-10, 2008.

Executive Committee

  • Chairperson: Joyce Barnathan - International Center for Journalists (ICFJ) (USA)

  • Vice-Chair: Manana Aslamazyan - Internews Europe (France)

  • Chairman Emeritus: David Hoffman, Internews Network (USA)


  • South East Asian Press Alliance (SEAPA) (Thailand) - Roby Alampay

  • Panos South Asia (India) - A.S. Panneerselvan

  • Journalism and Media Studies Centre, Hong Kong and Shantou universities (China) - Ying Chan


  • IFJ Africa Office (Senegal) - Gabriel Baglo,

  • Zambezi FoX (South Africa) - Jeanette Minnie,

  • Kenya Media Institute (Kenya) - David Makali,


  • South East European Network for Professionalisation of Media (SEENPM) (Albania) - Remzi Lani

  • Independent Association of Broadcasters (Ukraine) - Katerina Myasnykova / sharing with Media Development Center (Bulgaria) - Ognian Zlatev

Latin America and the Caribbean

  • Fundación Nuevo Periodismo Iberoamericano (FNPI) (Colombia) - Jaime Abello Banfi

  • Agencia de Noticias dos Direitos de Infancia (ANDI) (Brazil) - Veet Vivarta

  • Association of Caribbean Media Workers (Trinidad and Tobago) - Wesley Gibbings

Middle East/North Africa

  • Al Khabar (Algeria) - Ali Djerri,

  • Radio Farahalnas/Hashemite Fund for Human Development (Jordan) - Haitham Shibli

  • Chada FM (Morocco) - Hassan Nadir

International Caucus

  • BBC World Service Trust (now BBC Media Action) (UK) - James Deane

  • International Media Support (Denmark) - Jesper Hojberg,

  • Press Now (now FreePress Unlimited) (the Netherlands) - Leon Willems

  • Panos Institute (UK) - Mark Wilson

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