Digital policy & advocacy strategy (2021-2025)

GFMD Digital Policy & Advocacy Strategy


GFMD's core mandate, as agreed in our Strategic Plan (2021-2025), is to promote policies, programmes, strategies, and opportunities for the work of the journalism and media support sector to enhance journalism as a public good. To this end, our members support small and medium-sized independent public-interest media with a special focus and priority given to media in the Global South.

This digital strategy therefore focuses on advocacy opportunities and objectives that will address the urgent need to improve the capacity of our sector to have its voice heard and successfully impact policy changes. Digital policy is made by governments as well as the private sector, so this strategy prioritises issues that target key governmental and intergovernmental actors and technology companies as well as participation and visibility of all global actors and perspectives in policy debates.


For the sake of the strategy GFMD is using the following abbreviations and definitions:

Throughout this strategy we have used "tech companies" to describe digital technology companies such as Alphabet (Google & YouTube etc.), Meta (Facebook, Instagram & WhatsApp etc.), Twitter, and other technology companies that play a significant role in the ability of journalism to reach, engage, build relationships, without monetise audiences.

As "small, medium-sized, and Global South media" are the key intended beneficiaries of this strategy and are referred to frequency, at times we have abbreviated this group as "SM/GS".


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