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Our mission

As stated in our founding agreement in Amman, we support the creation and strengthening of independent, sustainable journalism and pluralistic media, as defined by the declarations of UNESCO at conferences in Windhoek, Almaty, Santiago de Chile, Sana’a, and Sofia.

GFMD's current full Mission Statement is available here:

2018-2020 Strategy

This document sets out the strategic objectives for the Global Forum for Media Development, drawing on input from members of the Executive Committee and experts from the wider network. It recognises the fundamental requirement to assess the needs and interests of GFMD members on a rolling basis and to develop programmes which respond directly and promptly to these needs.

2016-2018 Strategy

The 2016-2018 strategy can be accessed here:

This strategic plan has set the stage of GFMD’s development and plans to achieve the following set of objectives:

1. Raising and developing standards:

Raising and developing common standards to reinforce the status of media development as an essential part of development policies is an important objective of GFMD. Members in the field are assisted by GFMD through shared learning, showcasing best practices, demonstrating impact and joining an arena for debate around media development policy. Around the year GFMD organises workshops on relevant issues such as Countering Violent Extremism, Digital Transition or how to serve the audiences, thereby ensuring the dissemination of industry relevant knowledge among its members and the convergence towards common standards and approaches.

2. Reinforce media development as a priority in international development:

Advancing the understanding, recognition and prioritisation of media development within international donor and development agendas through advocacy initiatives. This increases the visibility of in-country media development actors, especially where media freedom is constrained, and amplifies the voices of those organisations working in the most difficult environments to the international arena where decisions on policy are made.

3. Enhancing coordination between international and local actors:

Improving the organisation of media development assistance at country level, particularly by encouraging and developing mechanisms that prevent duplication, increase strategic coherence and shed light on the range of media development initiatives taking place in key countries.

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