Reports from the GFMD General Assembly in Tirana will be published here by 11th October 2021.
On 30 September 2021 GFMD hosted its quadrennial General Assembly in Tirana, Albania.
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The announcement of the new Steering Committee marked the end of the 2021 GFMD General Assembly.
All members were then invited to attend the first meeting of the new GFMD Steering Committee which was held after a short break in proceedings.
During the meeting, the new GFMD Steering Committee voted for a new Chairperson, Deputy Chairperson and Treasurer.
The day after the General Assembly and Steering Committee meeting, members and partners held a series of discussions on GFMD's strategy for the coming four years.

Statements and recommendations

Alongside the convening of GFMD members and partners for the General Assembly, two country-focused meetings were held on 30th September in Tirana.
In the appendices, you will find the text and videos of the speeches by: