Planning process (2021-2025)

The Mission Model Canvas and the Value Proposition Canvas

GFMD will be using the Business Model Canvas, as a strategic management tool. It allows management to describe, design, challenge, invent, and pivot the business model. The Value Proposition Canvas (part of the Business Model Canvas) makes explicit how we are creating value for our members. It helps to design products and services that our members want.

GFMD Value Proposition Canvas models

GFMD Mission Statement

The main difference between a mission statement and a value proposition is that one is for you, and one is for your customer.

Your mission statement is for YOU because it will determine your company’s direction; it will help you stay focused on why you began this journey, and it will help you make decisions for your business. It will also shape strategies and help you keep your core purpose in mind.

Your value proposition is for your CUSTOMER because it tells that person—in a very concise, creative, quick way—what your company is, and why it will solve their problem.

More about the relationship between the value proposition and the mission statement:

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