Pre-assembly (2 Aug. - 28 Sept.)

2 August 2021

- Date of General Assembly announced

- Calls for candidates for GFMD Steering Committee

As well as announcing the date and explaining the hybrid format of the event the email announced that General members are able to submit applications to be a candidate for the next (2021-2025 Steering Committee using this form:

13 Aug. - 10 Sept. 2021

- Consultation period for changes to GFMD Constitution

13 Aug. - 10 Sept. 2021

On August 13th the Secretariat published and shared proposed amendments, additions to, and questions about GFMD's new constitution and bylaws along with a rationale for the proposals on the GFMD strategy development workspace.

General members were asked to submit their comments and suggestions for amendments and addition to the GFMD constitution and bylaws in advance of the meeting by using this form.

As per GFMD’s constitution, these proposed changes were shared more than 45 days before the General Assembly.

10 September 2021

- Deadline for members to submit candidacy for GFMD Steering Committee

- Deadline for feedback about the proposed changes to the GFMD Constitution

FORMAT: Online only

10th September was the deadline for General members to submit their applications to join the GFMD Steering Committee by August 20th 2021.

General members were able to submit applications using this form.

10th September was also the deadline for General members to submit their feedback about the first draft of the new GFMD Constitution.

15 - 17 September 2021

- Constitutional changes finalised and presented to members

15th September

The final draft of GFMD's new constitution was published and shared with General members for final comments.

17th September - 1500 CEST

The Secretariat hosted an online meeting for GFMD members to answer any outstanding questions about changes to the GFMD constitution.

  • Read the new Constitution here.

  • Download the presentation that was shared at the meeting from the link below:

21 - 28 September 2021

- Voting for new Steering Committee

FORMAT: Online only

  • Secretariat published and shared the list of candidates for the Steering Committee alongside their written presentations.

  • Secretariat shared details of how each member should use the online voting system.

  • Read more about the Steering Committee's mandate in the new GFMD Constitution, Section VI.

  • See our FAQs on the Steering Committee here.

- Voting to adopt the new GFMD Constitution

FORMAT: Online only

Following the consultation process -- 13 Aug. - 10 Sept. -- and the final change publication of the final proposed new constitution -- 15 Sept. -- voting on the final draft of the new Constitution is took place from 21-28th September 2021.

27 September 2021

- Five-year reports shared with General members

FORMAT: Online only

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