Strategic planning process

A part of the programme on the 7 April 2022 Steering Committee will be dedicated to the presentation and adoption of two strategic documents:
The documents are the culmination of a year-long collaborative and consultative process with GFMD members, including:
The Steering Committee will also be asked to help the Secretariat refine the activities that have been identified in the Strategic Plan. (See the "Breakout Groups" section of the agenda)

Timeline and background on strategy development process

The presentation of the draft strategic plan in Tirana followed a process of strategic planning, which was initiated by the GFMD Secretariat at the beginning of 2021.
The same process led to:
  • a revision of membership categories to include beneficiaries of GFMD members and partners in its community in a form of affiliate membership
  • further definition of categories of GFMD services’ users, and the types of services GFMD needs to develop to assist its membership and community.
The General Assembly in Tirana reviewed the draft and a series of discussions were held between the wider membership. For details of see:
As a result of the feedback received during the General Assembly in Tirana, the Secretariat drafted a revised GFMD Strategy for the period 2021-2025.
The GFMD General Strategy for 2021-2025 can be accessed here.

Digital policy & advocacy strategy

Following the General Assembly the Secretariat also drafted a strategy to policy and advocacy efforts regarding digital regulation and its impact on media organisations.
The digital policy & advocacy strategy followed a series of structured consultations with smaller groups of the Steering Committee members, which were held throughout November and December 2021.
It prioritises issues that target key governmental actors and technology companies, as well as the participation and visibility of Southern actors and their perspectives in policy debates.